What BIPOC Means to Us


Black writers have a unique contribution to publishing that cannot be ignored. From facing execution for being in possession of books to self-publishing out of the trunks of their cars to being the head of publishing companies, we want to acknowledge the beauty of black publishing. 


Indigenous, Native, Native Indian, American Indian, and all of the glorious adjectives in between do not capture the complicated and progressive history of your literature. From the land that was stolen to the words that were plagarized and the languages completely obliterated, we acknowledge the determination of Indigenous Publishing and appreciate the beauty of Indigenous writing.


Our collective is comprised of people, women and non-binary journalists and critics who are committed to spreading healing, love, joy, wisdom, life lessons, positive energy, and hope through reviews and interviews that connect BIPOC writers with PEOPLE. We do not discriminate. We do not hate. Our focus may be womxn, but all are welcome.


We are headquartered in the US, but the people of our collective are from all over the world. Our founder is stationed in Atlatna, outside of New York and California, hubs of publishing. We wish to decentralize both publishing and journalism by creating opportunities outside of these geographic hubs If you have a passion for books and criticism, you are welcome. 


We are a community of cultures coming together to collectively lift our voices and our art. This website is about loving and sharing the writing and talents of our nations. However, we acknowledge that we can only heal, if we heal together. Though we are a collective of book critics of color, we would greatly appreciate ally posts, contributions, sponsorships, and support. 

BIPOC Book Critics Collective

The BIPOC Book Critics Collective is  a safe, communal space for all BIPOC Critics - beginners to professionals - to come together and shed a spotlight on women and non-binary writers of color. We have a separate membership space and Podcast. We are not a non-profit, but we are striving to become one!


If you're a lawyer or know a good one and wish to help us set up our foundation, email us below! 

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The pictured resin on canvas painting displayed on the homepage by Ambar Pena Sanchez was commissioned by the BIPOC Book Critics Collective. You can find more of her beautiful work here

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