We Are Accepting Pitches

We will soon be taking submissions for our quarterly digital publication, but for now we are just taking pitches for our blog on Medium. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here for updates.

We do not take full stories until we have heard a pitch. Writers may submit their pitches via our pitch form below. If we like your pitch, one of the editors will reach out to you via the email provided on the form. Simultaneous pitches are allowed, but we would like to be notified if your article is being submitted elsewhere. We do not publish previously published book reviews at the moment.

Here is a description of our sections:

Book Reviews: tell us a story about a story. Reviews can be academic, experimental, literary or chatty. 

Interviews: Real and imagined interviews with authors and their characters.

Book Playlists: Does the song inspire the words or do the words inspire the music. 

Reading Lists: Books threaded together into lists with a deeper purpose than promotion. What impactful conversations can be had around these books. Once again, make it personal. We rather see this in a title pitch: “These five books represent each stage of grief when I lost granny” than “five books about dying” because well…who cares.  

Day in the Life: Authors walk us through a day in their lives. 

Craft: Quick tips by authors on the craft of writing. 

Artistic Reviews: Comics, paintings, pastels, watercolors, and photographic reviews along with a brief blurb about the connection, mediums used, and process. 

Words in Movement: performative reviews of books. Spoken word. Etc. Pre-recorded and sent with a 150-300 word blurb about the performance, book, and process. 

Words that Inspire Words: Poetic responses to books along with a 150-300 word blurb about the book and the connection to the poetry. 


To get a feel for our stories and to find out our word limit, you can visit our Medium here! We currently do not pay for reviews. We review because we love BIPOC Books and want to spread the love!

Got a book you want to review? Send us a pitch.

BIPOC Book Critics Collective

The BIPOC Book Critics Collective is  a safe, communal space for all BIPOC Critics - beginners to professionals - to come together and shed a spotlight on women and non-binary writers of color. We have a separate membership space and Podcast. We are not a non-profit, but we are striving to become one!


If you're a lawyer or know a good one and wish to help us set up our foundation, email us below! 

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The pictured resin on canvas painting displayed on the homepage by Ambar Pena Sanchez was commissioned by the BIPOC Book Critics Collective. You can find more of her beautiful work here

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